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Best ad on Evolution

I think this is one of the best ads when it comes to evolution, not sure if followers of Darwin would agree for their reason they will not ever encourage promoting beer when it comes to evolution but someone did.

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

First let me confess that I was too confused and after a long deliberation with myself I have finally come in terms with my blog site to put it here in the ads section and not the movies section.

Greatest Movie Ever Sold (2011) directed by the much acclaimed documentary film director Morgan Spurlock, much known for his movie Super Size Me. He was also nominated for 2005 Academy award under the best documentary movie category.

The first thing that came to my mind when I read about his recent venture drew me back to the days where advertisers were finding new mediums to increase viewers involvement. And guess what it was in the around the year 2004 or 2005, where every Indian household came together to watch the mega serials in Sony and Star Plus.

Product Placement as we all know it.

Do you remember seeing this?

Everyone of us have watched these clips. So why would it be any different when Morgan Spurlock, first thought of this movie and then decided to direct it. He approached many companies to sponsor his movie by giving them visibility and placing their products in the movie. Famous for inducing humor, he will be able to deliver a fun-filled experience with this flick.

So stay tuned.

Vintage @ it’s best

Some of the best ad’s that has evolved with advertisement. Today in a world where we can morph, create an artistic blur or create a virtual world, we have done it for some time and we will be doing more. But those days all they needed, was an idea and they still knew how to create the best of the ads.

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